The Synergy by Shira Adler Difference

Synergy by Shira Adler™ created Synergy Sprays™, the only aromatherapy line today created through a modern alchemy of pure essential oils and hemp-derived CBD. This is the foundation of our holistic regimen, complemented by our high-milligram strength full spectrum hemp extract tinctures and 10 pure essential oil infused, shea butter, full spectrum hemp extract topical, Bliss Butter. Our original Synergy Spray ta line says it all: “For sanity on the way to serenity.” Never has that truth mattered more than at this moment in our history.

We’re passionate about providing transformative relief for a range of today’s myriad challenges. We are proud to be trusted by moms seeking healthier solutions for themselves and their family to… Bring Balance Back™

How We “Bring The Balance Back”

Bring Balance Back: it’s more than a need-state, it’s our mission. That’s why we create products deeply rooted in modern alchemy: ancient plant-based wisdom merged with cutting edge science.  We are known as The ComPASSIONate Care Co., because our products are the “put the air mask on yourself before helping someone else” antidote for today’s complicated world offered through a series of authentically and sustainably made, easy-to-use, first-in-class, high-vibe, and highly effective integrative and holistic wellness products to support true wellness, which we define as living well and being well.   Our world class CBD infused Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays are the foundation of our flagship holistic wellness regimen—designed for anyone seeking sanity on the way to serenity—to Bring Balance Back.

We are here in service to humanity, to offer wholly and holistically unique products, education, and inspiration, dedicated to modern alchemy of ancient plant based wisdom and modern science—for the purposes of awakening humanity to consciousness, connectedness, and mindfulness. We remember and honor that we are all stewards of each other—and our planet.

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