The ABCs of CBD by author Shira Adler

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Author Shira Adler’s The ABCs of CBD is a fully comprehensive, practical guide to everything you should know about cannabis, cannabinoids, CBD, and everything in between. In The ABCs of CBD, which switches between humorous and hard-hitting as needed, author Shira Adler answers all your questions about CBD – even, and especially, the ones you’ve been afraid to ask.

Throughout The ABCs of CBD, Shira Adler will take you through the ancient history and wisdom of cannabis and hemp and bring you up to date on today’s scientific understanding of CBD. You will learn all about why CBD – the “other” ingredient in cannabis – is healing while being non-intoxicating. You’ll get unique, first-hand insight into how growing mainstream acceptance of cannabis is transforming our belief systems. 

The ABCs of CBD also looks at why cannabis and CBD have gained their mainstream acceptance. Adler explores the various uses of cannabis and CBD among people – even children – with Alzheimer’s disease, autism spectrum disorders, chronic pain, and many more conditions. Adler, dubbed “the marijuana mama” by Reuters, also presents the obstacles to broader destigmatization, including stigma, fear, social injustice, and widespread misinformation.

Even when addressing lighter subjects such as cannabis in pop culture and how to teach kids about CBD, Adler does not hold back on the urgency of repositioning cannabis and CBD as holistic remedies to a wide variety of ailments. With The ABCs of CBD, Adler has created a vital document of not just how and why cannabis and CBD have become destigmatized, but how much more work needs to be done.

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“A must-read primer... this book is a goldmine.”—Dr. Junella Chin, Integrative Cannabis Physician and Speaker

"Shira has written a funny, insightful, and historical look about CBD. It is not only for parents and kids, but anyone who wants to know about CBD and what it can do for you. Great read!"—Marvin Washington, NFL Super Bowl champion and medical cannabis advocate

“Adler hopes to make a difference in people’s lives, and it shows. Care and compassion drive her work. … The ABCs of CBD is a clear, thoughtful and engaging guide to an often-overwhelming world.”—Surterra Wellness

“[Shira is a] canna-fairy godmother in combat boots!”—Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt, Medical Science and Patient Liaison for Vireo Health

About Author Shira Adler

Author Shira Adler’s work on destigmatizing CBD and advocating for its role in holistic health and well-being has placed her at the forefront of the ever-growing cannabis industry. Adler, who is as known for her writing as for her Shira Synergy line of CBD sprays, tinctures, and balms, is unafraid to stand up, speak out, and shake things up in her writing and advocacy work. 

Shira’s passion for integrating CBD and its soothing properties into everyday life has led Reuters to call her “the marijuana mama,” a title she wears with pride. She is a holistic mom who has used her own experience bringing stress relief to her children via CBD sprays to guide other parents to do the same. She has advocated for the destigmatization of CBD for children’s medicine in print, online, and video interviews and has earned the nickname #ThePotMom for her work. 

In addition to her advocacy and writing, Shira is a self-described “instigator” willing to make a ruckus to ensure that false notions about holistic healing, CBD, and mainstream thought about medicine and healing are quashed. Her book The ABCs of CBD, which leading figures in the cannabis movement have praised, is perhaps the best example of Shira making herself heard loudly and clearly. Her passion doesn’t just define her work – it defines her life.

1 review for The ABCs of CBD by author Shira Adler

  1. Laury Lavoie

    This is a GREAT book!!! An essential in anyone’s library. A very easy read for EVERYONE, the Professional and the not-so professional. I love the way Shira Adler “narrates” the book. Very light and airy, and funny at times. She has a great sense of humor.

    • MamaRed

      Thank you for the kind comment! I’m so honored you love the book and find me funny! My kids don’t so SOMEONE has to! Blessings. Shira.

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