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Synergy by Shira Adler is driven by living well and being well while creating and advancing eco-wellness for people and our planet through what we call “Modern Alchemy.” Our approach merges ancient plant wisdom with breakthrough science. Read More →


We serve humanity as the ComPASSIONate care company by offering our full holistic regimen that celebrates plant botanicals the way nature intended. We are passionately focused on biodiversity and sustainability, creating products that consistently deliver unparalleled power, purity, and efficacy. Read More


We are here to Bring Balance Back. This is as simple as it is profoundly essential to manage today’s myriad challenges which affect us all on a mind-body-spirit level. Read More

What Makes Synergy By Shira Adler Different?

Our company began with a flagship line of Synergy Sprays in 2011. We’ve been supporting natural wellness seekers ever since.

Continuing our passion for Modern Alchemy, which merges ancient plant wisdom with modern science, Synergy by Shira Adler has been at the forefront of developing plant-based therapeutic products. That’s why we were hailed by the Huffington Post in 2016 for creating a best in show, first-in-class delivery method, the world’s first – and still, the only – CBD infused Aromatherapy series.

We didn’t stop there. Synergy Sprays are just the beginning of our unique, proprietary formulations of cannabinoids, botanicals, and terpenes – aka essential oils – with new breakthrough products in development and on the way.

We Believe In Power, Purity, and Efficacy.

The Synergy team includes individuals of the highest personal and professional integrity and are some of the industry’s most highly credentialed and vetted scientists, leaders of plant-therapeutics, holistic and integrative wellness, functional medicine, and agritech research.

Most importantly, as a single mom, Shira founded Synergy because she understood and wanted to support other real people struggling to find affordable and natural solutions to address today’s myriad challenges.






Hear From Our Happy Customers

As a professional and practitioner in the healing arts industry for more than 4 decades—and as an amateur ballroom dancer—I personally adore and recommend these products. Their powerful vibrational frequency and efficacy on a mind-body-spirit level are unparalleled. Shira is the go-to expert in this industry for good reason, and her products represent the highest level of authenticity, integrity, and expertise.

– Sara, Owner, healing arts center

As a genZer who has been struggling to have ANY sort of "normal" during these crazy times, I can tell you pretty much everyone I know in my generation carries way too much stress. These products are absolutely amazing. They work better than anything I've ever used to stay calm, focused, and creatively inspired.

– Ami (Emma) A., Influencer, Artist, Actress

I like using the Aromatherapy sprays because they can QUICKLY change the mood, whether it’s too low or too high. I can just spray one of Shira's sprays and it just makes a shift in the entire mood of the household. It's really effective.

– L.B.G., Director of Photography, Producer

Every day, we use all of the Synergy Sprays! Some days they take the edge off of my anxiety. Every night I give them to my kids. They help them go to sleep more easily. So if you're a mom and you're considering trying aromatherapy, I say go for it! It only takes one time trying it to be a believer. That's how I did it. I tried it. It worked! It immediately made me feel better. My kids love the sprays—they call them their "magic sprays." They don't go to sleep without them!

– Sally B., Homeopath and mom of two

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Meet Shira Adler

Hailed as the “voice for our time,” Shira Adler is an internationally recognized and highly vetted integrative care visionary and pioneer in the holistic wellness and cannabinoid space dedicated to modern alchemy: merging ancient plant wisdom with breakthrough science.

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