Bliss Butter

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  • CBD body butter calms and soothes
  • Return balance and equilibrium from head to toe
  • Apply topically — no ingestion of CBD or other materials required
  • Only a small amount of Bliss Butter is needed for full effect
  • Fatty acids help penetrate the skin barrier
  • Full spectrum hemp extract delivers the full range of phytocannabinoids without THC
  • Free of perfumes, fragrances, and non-natural additives
  • 4 ounce jar contains 500mg full spectrum hemp extract
  • Ingredients: A proprietary blend of 500 mg full spectrum hemp extract, organic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil, shea butter (Allergy warning: contains coconut)

What is Synergy Bliss Butter?

Calm, soothe, and balance your skin – and, in turn, your whole body, mind, and spirit. Use the Synergy Bliss Butter anywhere on your body that’s begging for a little tender loving care. Synergy by Shira Adler’s CBD Bliss Butter delivers a calming blend of full spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, and shea butter to any place on your body where you feel less than stellar.

Just a dab’ll do ya! It doesn’t take much to experience Bliss Butter’s hydrating smoothness. All you need to do is rub in a small amount of this CBD body butter wherever you’re experiencing discomfort, dryness, soreness, or other concerns. Not only will you feel a replenishing calmness in these spots, but your skin will thank you, too: The shea butter in Synergy Bliss Butter is known for boosting the appearance of softer skin. And if your skin is especially sensitive, don’t worry – Synergy Bliss Butter is free of perfumes, fragrances, and other additives with potential adverse side effects.

What makes Synergy Bliss Butter different?

Synergy Bliss Butter stands out from other CBD body butters -- here’s how:

  • Full spectrum hemp extract. Our proprietary full spectrum hemp extract has a unique terpene profile designed to enhance CBD’s impact on your skin. This THC-free topical contains all other phytocannabinoids found naturally in the full spectrum hemp extract in addition to this terpene profile. This “entourage effect” uplifts our Bliss Butter and supports silky smoothness and muscles ready for action at a moment’s notice.
  • No unnatural ingredients: Synergy by Shira Adler products aren’t diluted with chemicals and harsh ingredients. The core of our Bliss Butter is made with organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil and shea butter. MCT oil derived from coconut is a natural and effective way to introduce phytocannabinoids into your body, while shea butter is abundant in good-for-you fatty acids and vitamins. 
  • Made with love: Synergy by Shira Adler products are rooted in practices that attune our bodies to Mother Earth, each other, and ourselves. Bliss Butter is best used with other Synergy by Shira Adler products designed to uplift and enhance your well-being.

How CBD body butter works

CBD topicals such as CBD body butter target the body’s endocannabinoid receptors to calm and soothe any area from head to toe. CBD and other phytocannabinoids interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), the system that promotes homeostasis, equilibrium, and full-body synergy. Your skin is full of the endocannabinoid system’s receptors, making topicals a uniquely effective way to experience CBD. Bring Bliss Butter to your next massage -- you won’t be disappointed!

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1 review for Bliss Butter

  1. Austen

    I LOVE this body butter! It goes on so smooth, works quickly and doesn’t leave your skin all sticky feeling. 10/10 would recommend!

    • MamaRed

      Thanks soooooooooooo much Austen! So thrilled to hear that it works so well for you. Many blessings. Shira

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