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You want to know what relief feels like?  Try our CBD tinctures.  

CBD — the cannabinoid people are calling the miracle ingredient (and we agree) — has never felt so good, or been so easy to take!  Just a half dropper once a day, under the tongue for a couple of seconds before swallowing. Need more? Take more!

CBD has no side effects or contraindications, so go ahead… support that beautiful endocannabinoid system of yours and see how gratefully your body and brain will thank you! As much as we love receiving orders, don’t exceed 1mL/60 droppers in 24 hours, unless you feel like taking a long, good nap.

  • Available in three strengths: 750mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg
  • Tincture bypasses digestive system
  • Restore balance from head to toe
  • Made from pesticide-free hemp grown in the United States
  • Proprietary terpene profile designed for full-body calmness
  • Synergy by Shira Adler tinctures are free of solvents, toxins, colors, gluten, or additives
  • Ingredients: A proprietary blend of all-natural, full spectrum hemp extract in a base of organic MCT oil

Get to know Extra Strength CBD Oil from Synergy by Shira Adler

Available in three strengths, Synergy tinctures by Shira Adler are the perfect routine to get your day going, support an afternoon pick-me-up, or unwind a long day with science-backed self care. Restore balance to your body, mind, and spirit whenever and however you’d like. 

No matter your strength of choice, all you need to do to enjoy the positive effects of CBD is to use half a dropper once a day. Hold your Synergy tincture under your tongue for just a couple of seconds, then swallow. Within just a few minutes, you will feel relief and plentiful additional soothing sensations.

Each Synergy tincture container includes 60 servings of 15 drops (approximately half a dropper). When you buy a Synergy CBD tincture, you get a two month supply of fast-acting relief and relaxation. Whether you choose the 750 mg option for light effects, 1500 mg for a moderate impact, or 3000 mg for stronger relief, the calm you seek is just moments away.

In addition to its rapid absorption rate and ability to achieve balance with just a small volume of tincture, the Synergy line is eco-friendly and made from hemp grown in the United States. It has no solvents, toxins, colors, gluten, or additives, and its CBD is taken from hemp plants grown without pesticide use. When you go with Synergy, you use an option as healthy as you’ll feel just minutes after taking your tinctures.

How do CBD tinctures work?

CBD tinctures work by targeting the blood vessels under the tongue. When CBD tinctures come into contact with these blood vessels, they deliver CBD to the bloodstream while entirely bypassing the digestive system. In doing so, CBD tinctures impart the desirable effects of CBD far more quickly than do other oral CBD options. Research has correlated CBD tinctures with increasing the body’s cannabinoid supply more so than other oral CBD product categories.

When you hold Synergy CBD tinctures under your tongue for 10 to 60 seconds before swallowing, you accelerate the time it takes for your body, mind, and spirit to begin experiencing the positive effects of CBD. In just minutes, proper tincture usage can lead to full-body relaxation and balance. Plus, CBD – unlike the other much-discussed cannabis substance THC – is non-intoxicating, so you can enjoy the calming effects of cannabis without any other effects. That’s why tincture use has become widespread among people in need of cannabis’ calming benefits without its intoxicating effects.

Additionally, unlike CBD balms – which are great for local relief – CBD affects your whole body, as do CBD aromatherapy sprays. Use the Synergy CBD product line to find just the relaxation and balance your body – and mind and spirit – need.

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    Great product! Overall I feel better, mind and body!

    • MamaRed

      That’s great to hear Nicole!

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